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Demon Days by GodzillaJAPAN

It's really cool that it's the Demon Days album, I love when people do a parody of that. :D I remember seeing a lot of these in the past. It's quite different from the others I've seen in both a positive and somewhat negative way. I feel like it's in the format of the album, but doesn't quite have the spirit. It's mostly because the style and shading on the characters is your own. Don't get me wrong here, style is always good. But I think the amount of artistic license is affecting its attempt to emulate the Demon Days album. What would really make it look like a Demon Days parody immediately would be like, making the overall tone of each character close to monochrome like it is on the album. The purple, the green, etc. Without it, it sort of just stands as four profile images of Sonic OCs that just happens to be in the Demon Days 4-square profile format. I also think Neige, or whichever the white cat is, is pretty washed out by the background. To make her stand out more, she should have more dark shading around her, or be a bit more grey especially around her face. That's getting a bit nitpicky, and I know its not easy to shade white on white, but also that's why I think adding the monochrome colors would help; she wouldn't blend in with the white background as much. Your style is great though, very painterly yet crisp. :) And I like their attitude, looking out at the viewer. It's a nice way to make it a little different from the original album cover. Good job!
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